Rules & Conditions

OK Junior Open

Toxandria Golf Club, the Netherlands 19 – 22 July 2023

1. Conditions

The OK Junior Open (the ‘Championship’) will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf approved by R&A Rules Limited, the General Conditions of Competition and the Local Rules issued by the Championship Committee.

2.1 Format

The Championship is a four-day tournament and will be decided by stroke play over four rounds of 18 holes. After 54 holes the leading 50% competing boys and all those tying, and the leading 50% competing girls and all those tying shall play a further 18 holes on the fourth and final day. The competitor with the lowest aggregate score over 72 holes will be declared the winner (boy and girl).

2.2 Ties

In the event that more than one competitor has the same aggregate score over 72 holes, a sudden death play-off will be played immediately after the final round on the 18th hole until a winner emerges. For all the other places, ties shall be decided by matching cards over the final 18, 9, 6, 3 or last hole(s) in that order and then over the 3rd , 2nd and 1st round.

3. Practice rounds

Each competitor shall have the right to play a practice round prior to the Championship. It is mandatory to contact the caddie master to book a tee time.

Note: Due to the limited available tee times on Monday and Tuesday before the Championship, the Committee urges Dutch competitors to play their practice round in the week before the Championship.

Competitors are not permitted to practice on the Championship Course before or between rounds. Penalty for the first breach: general penalty. Penalty for second breach: disqualification.

4. Prizes

The individual winners (boy and girl) will be awarded a trophy (The trophy will remain in the Netherlands; winners will be given a replica). The Nation cups will be awarded to the best three individuals with the same nationality (boys and girls).

In the event of a round being declared null and void due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the Championship Committee reserves the right to derogate from the Rules & Conditions in order to reach a result within the time available.

The prize giving ceremony will take place, weather permitting, outside the club house, on the fairway of the 18th hole.

5. Entries

The Championship is open to amateur golfers of all nationalities. Entrants must be born on or after 1 January 2002 and must have a handicap of 5.0 (girls) or 3.0 (boys) or less. A valid handicap certificate or letter stating the correct handicap from the competitor’s home course must be handed to the Championship Committee upon arrival.

All entrants must fill out the entry form which can be accessed through the Championship website ( on or around 1 May 2023 until entry closes on 1 July 2023, 17:00 CET. Facsimiles, emails, letters, print screens or the like will NOTbe accepted as proof of registration.

In the event the number of applications exceeds the available places, competitors will be selected in the following order:

  1. Previous Winners
  2. Tournament Invites
    • Players from the Home Course
    • Winners of the ‘De Haenen Jeugd Open’.
    • Friendly National Federations
    • Monday Qualifiers (see section 5.1)
  3. WAGR ranked individuals as per the first Sunday in July, highest ranking (1 being the highest) first
  4. EGR ranked individuals (boys < 1.000/girls < 900 - Category Open - Age Group All) as per the first Sunday in July, highest ranking (1 being the highest) first

Note: Tournament invites are not subject to the maximum handicap. When a National Federation enters three players that meet the selection criteria, a fourth player can be entered by the same National Federation without having to meet the selection criteria.

The remainder of the starting field, if incomplete, will comprise of entrants in order of exact handicap.

The selection of competitors by the Championship Committee will take place after entry for the Championship closes on 1 July 2023, 17:00 CET and every entrant will be notified on or around 8 July about their entry, whether successful or not. The list of competitors in the Championship will be made available on the Championship website (

In the event a competitor cancels:

  • up to and including Saturday 8 July 2023, the Championship Committee will contact the reserve player with the lowest handicap to replace this position
  • after Saturday 8 July 2023, the vacant position will be filled by means of the Monday Qualifier as described in section 5.1

The Championship Committee strives to replace cancellations with players of the same gender.

All entries will be subject to the approval of the Championship Committee, which reserves the right to accept or refuse, or having accepted, subsequently reject any entry without giving reason for its decision. The Championship Committee reserves the right to reject an entry or disqualify any competitor making a false statement on his/her entry form. The Championship Committee will not accept entries from competitors who are (temporarily) excluded from competition by their National Federation.

5.1 Monday Qualifier

On Monday 17 July 2023 prior to the Championship an 18 hole stroke play tournament will be held to award the final positions on the players list of the Championship. A maximum of 21 amateurs that did not qualify for the Championship based on their entry or have been invited by the Championship Committee will compete for the last places in the Championship. The Championship Committee reserves the right to invite players to compete in the Monday Qualifier. Invites to the Monday Qualifier are not subject to the maximum handicap.


  • best boy,
  • best girl,
  • next best result in the event a selected player cancels his/her participation for the Championship after 9 July 2022, will be awarded a position on the players list for the Championship.

In case of a tie, the ranking shall be decided over the final 9, 6, 3 or last hole(s) respectively.

5.2 Entry Fee

Together with the registration the entry fee must be payed. The entry fee for the Championship amounts to EUR 200,- and must be payed by bank transfer. The registration is only valid when the entrance fee has been payed. On or around 8 July 2023, the Championship Committee will select players competing in the OK Junior Open. A list of competitors will be posted on Players, not selected, will receive their entry fee back.

Entry fees are due by players selected to compete in the Championship.

  • Entry fees will be refunded if notification of withdrawal is received before 5 July 2023.
  • Entry fee will also be refunded if players are not selected to compete in the Championship

6. Scorecards

Scorecards will be handed out on the first tee.

A competitor must report to the 1st tee 10 minutes before his/her round commences.

Scorecards must be returned to the caravan (located next to the 18th green) promptly after finishing the round.

7. Starting times

The Championship Committee reserves the right to rearrange and/or alter starting times.

If the participant arrives at his/her starting point ready to play within five minutes after his/her starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty for disqualification as provided in Rule 5.3a, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the 1st hole instead of disqualification.

8. Result of Competition - Competition closed

The Championship shall be deemed to have closed when the trophy has been presented to the winner (boy and girl) as described under section 4, or, in the absence of a prize giving ceremony, when the Championship Committee has approved all scores.

9. Performance enhancing drugs

A competitor shall not knowingly make use of any drug to enhance his/her performance. Attention is drawn to the list of proscribed drugs issued by the R&A before registration. Any competitor infringing this condition or, if asked to do so, refusing to take a test, will be disqualified.

If a medical condition requires taking drugs as registered in the list of prescribed drugs issued by the R&A, a competitor is required to report this at the registration desk on July 17/18th supported by a medical waiver from a doctor.

10. Alcohol

Under Dutch law, persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing, possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages. Enforcement of the law is strict and both the minor and anyone selling an alcoholic beverage to a minor may be penalized. The same applies to anyone else purchasing an alcoholic beverage and passing it on to a minor or otherwise allowing a minor to consume an alcoholic beverage.

Anyone selling alcohol is obliged by law to request identification as proof of age. Any competitor infringing this condition or, if asked to do so, refusing to take a test, will be disqualified.

Upon participating, competitor will indemnify and/or hold harmless Toxandria Golf Club, its members, Culinice Catering, its staff and all volunteers involved in the Championship for all costs, claims, demands or penalties in the event of infringement of Dutch alcohol laws.

11. Courtesy / Debarring competitor / Zero tolerance

Any competitor who during the course of the Championship, including practice days, misbehaves by, for example, but not limited to, swearing, throwing clubs, or vandalizing the golf course or club house, or acts in any manner which might bring the game into disrepute may be debarred from the Championship (decision to be taken by the Championship Committee). The Championship Committee also reserves the right to debar any competitor who has willfully misled the Championship Committee on the entry form. The National Federation of the competitor will be informed if any competitor who:

- withdraws from the event after the players list has been published, or

- for whatever reason fails to appear on the tee at his appointed starting time, or

- having qualified to participate in the Championship but fails to do so,

must, without delay, furnish the Championship Committee with an explanation, in writing, to the satisfaction of the Championship Committee. If he/she does not do so, he/she will be debarred from the Championship (decision to be taken by the Championship Committee).

With regard to the behavior of players, the Championship Committee has adopted a zero tolerance policy. Misbehavior of players will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate debarment from the Championship.

12. Insurance and liability

Each competitor is responsible and liable for his/her own actions at all times. Both Toxandria Golf Club and the Championship Committee cannot be held responsible for competitor actions and/or behavior which results in insurance claims, prosecution or any other liability claim.

13. Caddies

Caddies are allowed according to rule 10.3 but they must be born after 1 January 2002. All others are to maintain a reasonable distance from competitors during a stipulated round and refrain from influencing play.

14. Balls & Clubs

Rule 4.2 note: The ball the competitor uses shall be named on the Current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the R&A Rules Ltd. Driving clubs must not have a characteristic time greater than 257 microseconds when measured on pendulum testing apparatus approved by R&A Rules Limited - see also Appendix II, 5a of the Rules of Golf. The "List of Drivers contrary to the driving club Condition", as published by the R&A Rules Ltd. is valid.

15. Competitor must walk

Competitors shall walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permitted by the Championship Committee to ride and be accompanied by an official.

Penalty for breach of condition: two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round - four strokes (two strokes at each of the first two holes at which any breach occurred).

16. Provisional ball

If there is a suspicion that the player's original ball is lost (except in penalty areas). the player must play a provisional ball. There can be a one stroke penalty if a player's ball is lost and the player has not played a provisional ball.

17. Slow Play

The Committee will establish the maximum time allowed for the completion of 18 holes in the Championship. It is taken into consideration that the maximum completion time of each hole based on its length and difficulty. The "Maximum Times Allowed" Chart will be published and posted on the notice board.

The first group to start will be considered "out of position" if, at any time during the round, the group's cumulative time exceeds the time allowed for the number of holes played. Any following group will be considered "out of position" if it is more than the starting interval behind the group in front and has exceeded the time allowed for the number of holes played.

In the absence of mitigating circumstances, a lengthy ruling or lost ball; unplayable ball; wrong ball, etcetera, a group is liable to be timed if it is in excess of the time allowed and in case of second or subsequent groups, out of position.

18. Maximum time allocated per shot

From the commencement of timing, if any competitor exceeds:

  • 50 seconds on a first to play approach shot (including par three tee shot), chip or putt or
  • 40 seconds if it is a tee shot, or if 2nd or 3rd to play shot he/she is deemed to have had a "bad time".

A competitor whose group is timed will have a bad time carried forward in the round even if the group subsequently arrives back in position or within time. Penalties for breach of condition are:

  • 1st bad time – 1 penalty stroke
  • 2nd bad time – 2 penalty strokes
  • 3rd bad time – disqualification

Note: The Championship Committee reserves the right, at any time, to time a group when the Championship Committee deems it necessary. Competitors should also be aware that the Championship Committee may assess a "bad time" to a competitor in a group which is out of position if the competitor makes no effort to help his group get back in position. An example of this would be a competitor who delays play between shots.

19. Discontinue Play

Signals used with the siren are:

  • One long continuous tone: play must be discontinued immediately
  • Two short tones repeated: resume play
  • Three short tones: play must be discontinued, the current hole can be finished.

If a competitor does not discontinue play immediately after one long continuous tone, he/she will be disqualified (note Rule 5.7). All practice areas shall be closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Championship Committee has declared them open for use.

20. Code of conduct

The Championship Committee considers the following behavior, for which a player is penalized, as unnacceptable:

  • Failure to care for the course, for example not raking bunkers of not replacing or filling divots.
  • Unacceptable language.
  • Serious abuse of clubs or the course
  • Being disrespectful of other players, referees or spectators.

Penalty for breach of Code of Conduct:

  • First breach of the Code of Conduct - warning
  • Second breach - two-stroke penalty
  • Third breach or any serious misconduct - disqualification.

21. Smoking

Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, on the course and the practice facilities is strictly prohibited by players and their caddies.

Penalty - disqualification

22. Photography

Competitors agree to the use of their name/photograph/image/audio recording/video recording/ and likeness ('images') by the Championship Committee in all forms and manner including but not limited to publication on the Championship website (, broadcasts and any other publications as released to or by the Championship Committee.

23. Disputes and points not covered

In the event of a dispute arising as to the meaning of any Rule of Golf, the rule will be interpreted according to the English Edition of the Rules of Golf. All disputes shall be settled by the Championship Committee (three to form a quorum) whose decision shall be final. In all cases not covered by the Championship rules, the Championship Committee decides final ruling.


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