Winners OK Junior Open 2022!

With the Boys, the scores were still close at the beginning of the day, so they played offensive golf. The winner was Gregor Graham from Scotland with -14!. What a great performance!

Among the Girls, the scores at the start of Day 4 were more apart, making Carmen the deserved winner of the OK Junior Open after after a final round in +2 , 74.

Boys final scores:

1 Gregor Graham (Schotland) with -14 (68, 69, 68, 69)

2 Oscar Holm Bredkjaer (Denemarken) at -11 (71, 67, 68, 71)

3 Bob van der Voort (Nederland) at -3 (72, 67, 69, 76)

4 Cameron Adam (Schotland) at +1 (72, 73, 70, 74)

Girls final scores:

1 Carmen Griffiths (Schotland) with Par (72, 70, 72, 74)

Noa van Beek (Nederland) with +8 (73, 76, 70, 77)

Sophie Böhlhoff (Duitsland) with +10 (70, 74, 74, 80)

Fleur van Beek (Nederland) with +13 (77, 71, 77, 76)


Winner of Beat the Player!

During Beat the Player there were few who came close to the Players. Casper Soudant proved that it can be done!


For our Dutch readers, a link to a newspaper article in BN De Stem

Beat the player takes off!

It's Saturday morning, time for Beat The Player on Hole 16. The hole where it's at, the OK Café and music surrounding the green. Every flight of players has a challenger trying to play the neary.

Day 3: Moving Day

There was hardly any "Moving Day", the top stayed close together. Also two Dutchmen in the top on places three and four: Bob van der Voort and Abel Derksen! A nice result.

Eleven boys made a score under PAR today, of which the best scores a round of 68, were made by Gregor Graham of Scotland and Oscar Holm Bredkjaer of Denmark.

For the girls, the top of the field is unchanged and close together. Only the sisters Fleur and Noa van Beek have changed places.

Finally the cut after three rounds is +19 both for boys & girls.

With the top close together, we expect offensive golf tomorrow on yet another sunny day!


Top of Boys leaderboard:

1 Gregor Graham (Schotland) with -11 (68, 69, 68)

2 Oscar Holm Bredkjaer (Denemarken) at -10 (71, 67, 68)

3 Bob van der Voort (Nederland) at -7 (72, 67, 69)


Top of Girls leaderboard:

1 Carmen Griffiths (Schotland) with -2 (72, 70, 72)

2 Sophie Böhlhoff (Duitsland) with +2 (70, 74, 74)

3 Noa van Beek (Nederland) with +3 (73, 76, 70)

Fleur van Beek (Nederland) with +9 (77, 71, 77)


On the final Day of the OK Junior Open on Saturday, July 16, we expect the winners Boys & Girls to be announced at 17:00.
Make sure you are present for the victory ceremony.

Scotland in front after Day 2!

Nine boys made a score under PAR today, with the best score being -5 made by Oscar Holm Bredkjaer of Denmark. Bob van de Voort was the best Dutchman on day 2 with a score of -4 and Rik Hessing was on fire with a nice Eagle on hole 2! A boys' field that is still close together at the top.

In the girls' category the leader of day 1 (the German girl Böhlhoff) dropped one spot; here it is also exciting with a strong Scottish girl now just in front. Two Dutch sisters Van Beek immediately behind. Tomorrow, on the so-called Moving Day, we expect again spectacular golf and we are curious to see the players who manage to play themselves in contention. Be there; come and see!


Top of Boys leaderboard:

1 Gregor Graham (Scotland) with -7 (day 1: 68, day 2: 69)

Oscar Holm Bredkjaer (Denemarken) at -6 (day 1: 71, day 2: 67)

3 Bob van der Voort (Nederland) at -4 (day 1: 72, day 2: 67)


Top of Girls leaderboard:

1 Carmen Griffiths (Schotland) with -2 (day 1: 72, day 2: 70)

2 Sophie Böhlhoff (Duitsland) with Par (day 1: 70, day 2: 74)

3 Fleur van Beek (Nederland) with +4 (day 1: 77, day 2: 71)

Noa van Beek (Nederland) with +5 (day 1: 73, day 2: 76)


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