Toxandria Golf Club welcomes all players, coaches, family and friends to the OK Junior Open 2022!


You may prefer to make your own arrangements. Feel free to do so. In this case, you will also be welcome to enjoy your meals at the clubhouse.

Players can choose between hotel accomodation or host family homestay. 

Hospitality at the OK Junior Open offers various options to accommodate players at short distance from the golf course and the city of Breda. Hotels we recommend are:



SPECIAL OFFER FOR PLAYERS, COACHES, FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Fresh daily meals for all to enjoy at the clubhouse

  • Meals for players: included in entry fee (€ 190)
    For all players participation in the Championship is inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner at the clubhouse from the Tuesday Opening dinner up to breakfast on Saturday morning. No matter where you stay, you will be welcome to enjoy all your meals at the clubhouse. This is included in the entry fee. Players organising their own meals at the hotel (for their own account), or elsewhere, who do not return to the clubhouse for the specified meal times, forfeit their meal entitlements.
  • Meals for coaches, family and friends: offer
    For family of players, friends and coaches meals can be provided at the clubhouse for a price of € 135 per person if pre ordered by 11 July 2022 at the latest. This fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner being served during the Championship, from breakfast on Wednesday up to breakfast on Saturday. If ordered after 11 July 2022, the price of the meal arrangement will amount to € 155.

    Coaches, family and friends are also welcome to enjoy the opening dinner of the OK Dutch Junior Open 2022 at the clubhouse on Tuesday evening at a rate of € 57,50 however the opening dinner must be reserved by 8 July 2022 at the latest. The Championship Committee will not be able to grant requests to enjoy the opening dinner received after 8 July 2022.

    To pre order a meal arrangement for coaches, friends and/or family please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


RENOVA cars will bring players to and from the golf course from hotel or host family during the Championship.


If you need any further assistance or have any questions concerning accommodation, meals or transport, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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